Betaprocess; your bio-booster!

Betaprocess is a patented technique that increases the substrate’s digestibility and strongly reduces the time-consuming hydrolysis phase of fermentation processes. Subsequently, the total fermentation proceeds much faster and more efficiently, generating considerably higher yields and an improved process efficiency.

Betaprocess is not a fermenter, but a pre-processing unit that easily can be integrated into your existing production process or development plans.

Betaprocess offers you significant benefits when producing bio-gas or bio-ethanol. Subsequently, Betaprocess is expected to play a considerable role in profitable extraction of bio-components from biomass, in the near future. By this, Betaprocess sets a giant leap towards a profitable bio-based economy!

Efficiency improvements you will be able to achieve due to Betaprocess:

In case of bio-gas production:

  • up to 10-15% higher bio-gas yields
  • more effective gas mixture with a 5% higher methane content
  • strongly reduced fermentation time (up to 50%)
  • considerably less digestate (up to 50%)

In case of bio-ethanol production:
  • up to 12% higher ethanol yields
  • addition of enzymes superfluous
  • 10-20% lower investment costs